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More than anything, we’re a client-driven company. People come for our quality and capabilities, but when we receive feedback, it’s nearly always about proactive, anticipatory service that keeps them at Fresh Color. From meeting insanely tight deadlines, to helping figure out the best way to produce jobs, to quotes sent in less than an hour, or a helpful FCP driver who offers to take the boxes to the storage room, we go the extra mile.

Working With Us

  • We really like clients, and we’ll gladly come through for you—on your terms. It’s how we’re wired, and we’re grateful for the great clients who’ve been with us over the years!
  • We see things from your perspective and we’ll keep you informed and in control.
  • Clear, open communication. You won’t need to wonder if you understand what we said!
  • We see it from your perspective, so we’ll keep you informed and in control.
  • You don’t need to know a lot about printing to get what you need from us. We’re the printing experts, and we’ll steer your project in the right direction.
  • Fast, detailed quotes so you can make decisions based on clear, accurate information.
  • Fair, consistent pricing that’s probably less than you’re paying for lesser service and quality.
  • Always on time—no matter what. We don’t do late and never say no.
  • We do only the projects that fit Fresh Color. We want to do all your work that we can, but if your project isn’t a fit for us, we’ll tell you so and refer you to a suitable resource.
  • If something seems amiss, we’ll ask about it right away. We’re another set of eyes to make sure nothing’s overlooked and your project is done right the first time.
  • It’s fun to work with us. We’re serious about what we do and know how important it can be, but we’ll have a few laughs along the way!

Why Fresh Color’s the BEST Digital Printer

  • We’re fully committed to digital printing because it’s all we do. You benefit working with an experienced digital printer that knows more and has world-best technology to produce the highest-quality product.
  • Smaller, flatter organization, so we’re hyper-flexible and service-responsive. We’ll have a hard-copy proof to you before a large commercial printer has the job entered.
  • NexPress is the best digital color press for superb, consistent high-impact printing.
  • 3 NexPresses for greater fast-turn capacity—especially large projects.
  • Complete in-house bindery to finish projects better/faster/cheaper when they stay at FCP.
  • Kodak’s 5th-color spot ClearCoat varnish, Dimensional Clear texturing, Gold Metallic, gamut-expanding Red & Blue, and Light Black expand your range of creative choices (click here for a sample packet to see for yourself).
  • Equipment redundancy so we can always get it done on time—no matter what.
  • Masters of complex projects for discerning clients. We’re a digital commercial printer and and we embrace the tricky and difficult projects that others avoid.

Easy, Affordable Printing

  • Price, price, price! We know price matters, and we’re in the middle of the range—so we’re an exceptional value in light of our quality, speed, capabilities, and service/support!
  • If there’s a better/faster/cheaper way to do it, we’ll let you know so you get the best possible results for the most cost-effective price.
  • We consider shipping costs and if your project is to FedEx, we’ll complete it ASAP so it ships Ground or Express Saver instead of Overnight or 2-Day.
  • We’re a one-stop shop for projects that print and mail. You’ll save time and money, and we can help plan your next mailing.

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