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Compare Fresh Color to Litho Printers

Many litho printers have installed a digital color press or two sometime in the past several years.

Most did this to keep clients from going elsewhere for short-run color printing. But litho printers aren’t committed to using the digital press to its full potential: it’s a sideline, and what they want are the longer runs that fill litho press time.

So they don’t master the digital print process, workflows remain needlessly slow, the digital department has inexperienced people, and jobs aren’t priced right.

We’ve been immersed in digital printing for over 12 years, and we’re just plain better than litho printers with a digital press.


  • Price, price, price! When people compare us to their current printers, they often find that we actually cost less—so you can get the best and save money too!
  • We’re 100% digital, so we have expertise litho printers don’t.
  • 3 Kodak NexPresses—and 20 people focused on high-quality, high-service digital printing—we effortlessly produce large projects very quickly.
  • Full range of made-for-digital finishing equipment enables us to produce nearly any project perfectly and in-house (we saddle-stitch, perfect bind, wire-o or plastic spiral bind, drill, round-corner, laminate, UV coat, pad, wafer-seal, tab-cut, score, perforate, cut, fold, collate, grommet, shrinkwrap, and kit here at FCP).
  • NexPress print quality, color consistency, reliability, 5th-color options, sheet size, and substrate flexibility is superior to HP Indigo and Xerox digital presses.
  • Kodak’s 5th-color ClearCoat for digitally-printed spot varnish effects.
  • Kodak’s 5th-color Dimensional Clear is a major digital printing advance because it enables us to print visually- and tactilely-appealing raised/textured surfaces (Click here to receive Dimensional samples).
  • UV coating adds gloss and protection in the mail stream.
  • Flat organizational structure means projects get moving right away and we’re flexible to easily manage changes along the way.
  • Highly-experienced people to capably manage complex projects.
  • We truly enjoy working with creatives and other discerning clients.
  • Broad range of inventoried paper, so no waiting-for-stock delays.
  • Extensive mailing experience.




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