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What cross-media is

Simply put, cross-media marketing campaigns integrate print, email and web communications to produce measurable sales results and acquire useful information from customers and prospects.

Marketers can employ cross-media campaigns to go directly as possible to target audiences with relevant, specific “buy now” offers presented with a consistent look and feel across multiple media (to ensure that offers get through to each person).  Cross-media campaigns generate immediate-response sales, show which people respond to which offers on which medium and create full-circle marketing synergies that mass media can’t.


Personally relevant marketing that reaches people when they are most approachable

While data-driven personalized direct mail is a powerful tool in its own right, it can produce even greater results used in conjunction with email and personalized web pages.  A typical campaign begins by mailing personalized offers that include a visually-prominent PURL (a personalized URL created just for that person) directing recipients to web pages created specifically for them using database information about their past purchases and buying habits.  Once there, people can immediately act upon offers, opt in for email marketing, request more information or call center follow-up, and/or provide additional information that can be used to create even more relevant future offers.

The result is that cross-media campaigns enable marketers to move away from mass media “talk to” initiatives toward long-term dialog with customers and prospects.


Cross-Media Campaign Workflow

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