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Digital Printing’s Simplicity Meets Today’s Marketing Needs

Today we expect printed materials to be accurate and up-to-date as information downloaded from the Internet or received via email. Clients need printers able to produce cost-effective, high-quality short-run color printing in the fastest possible timeframes–usually in a day or two, sometimes hours.


NexPress is the essence of Printing Simplicity, meeting needs conventional printing can’t:

  • Lightning-fast turn times so you can make last-minute decisions, yet safely meet crucial deadlines. NexPress printing eliminates delays for offline proofing, film and plate-making, press make-readies, press checks, and drying time between printing and bindery phases. We nearly always deliver the day after you okay proofs – often the same day – so don’t hesitate to tell us how soon you really need it!
  • We make it simple and straightforward so you needn’t know or do much to get the results you want – on your terms.
  • We’re more flexible than conventional printers who can’t match our service responsiveness.
  • No press checks because we make our proofs on a NexPress using your specified paper. The proof you receive actually is the first finished piece and we keep a matching proof at Fresh Color, so we can start printing as soon as you okay your proof (which you can keep for comparison to your finished project samples).
  • Fresh Color expertly handles complex projects that require printing knowledge and our fully-equipped bindery department. We’re small, yet capable as large conventional printers.
  • Reduced print management costs because less money, space, and time are used when collateral is ordered and printed on demand (rather than inventoried and fulfilled).
  • Environmental sustainability because digital printing does not require film, plate-making chemicals, VOC-emitting fountain solution and oil-based inks, synthetic proofing materials, or large amounts of make-ready paper. Digital is a cleaner, greener way to print.
  • Cost-effective printings ordered at the time of need and frequently updated as markets and products change, ensuring that collateral stays current and preventing the costly waste of discarding obsolete materials.
  • Affordable language, product-specific, and market segment versions are practical because our streamlined workflow makes it easy to create and proof new versions that print in short-run quantities.
  • High-quality, low-quantity multi-page booklets are within reach because they’re affordable and take little time to produce. We print covers and text pages that come off the press as collated, ready-to-bind sets in the exact quantity you need.


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