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Dimensional Clear adds Tantalizing TOUCH to Great NexPress Color

It’s nearly impossible to describe the visual and tactile appeal of Kodak’s Dimensional Clear coating. Introduced in 2009, Dimensional Clear is a simple, affordable way to create high-impact digitally-printed marketing materials. Simply put, it’s the greatest thing in digital color printing since…the NexPress!


  • Dimensional Clear creates a clear, raised layer on top of the 4-color printed sheet.
  • It’s applied inline using a NexPress 5th-color printing unit.
  • Dimensional can be used to enhance full-color images, logos, graphics, and text—anything you want to highlight for the reader.
  • A great tool for agencies and design firms who want to create something unique that’s also within budget.
  • The tactile effect is similar to thermography, but with a greater degree of control and, unlike thermography, Dimensional Clear can be applied to unprinted areas (think of a textured varnish background or a clear, foil-like seal).
  • Dimensional prints in variable heights, to closely mimic the texture of a specific image, with perfect registration in finely-detailed areas.
  • Dimensional won’t replace foil-stamping/embossing, but it’s a great option when time is short and/or dies cost too much for short-run jobs.
  • Applications: invitations; greeting and announcement cards; certificates and awards; brochures; booklet covers; business cards; POS materials; postcards and self-mailers, and call-to-action areas.
  • Green and Sustainable as all NexPress printing, because there are no VOCs or other harmful chemicals, Dimensional is Certified Deinkable.
  • Nothing demonstrates Dimensional’s creative potential as clear as a great sample pack showing what’s now within reach, so click here and we’ll send several examples!

How to Do It

  • Dimensional Clear is easy to use. Create a spot color varnish and apply it to the areas where you want texture.
  • Quick, easy ways to use Dimensional: 1) add graphics or textured patterns from Photoshop; or 2) copy an image and use its contrast as a 5th-color Dimensional “plate”.
  • Send an email request, and we’ll send an informative PDF via Reply.


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