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Three important observations

  • Advertising is constantly changing and has never been more competitive.  New tools, which use customer data and innovative technologies to create and deliver messages that speak directly to behavioral patterns, are commonplace and now expected from customers.
  • Direct campaigns are a powerful, measurable tool and response rates are often three or more times greater than conventional initiatives.
  • Agencies can utilize personalization as a critical competitive advantage and strengthen their client relationships as they become real business partners.

CRM assets & personalized direct marketing

Incorporating CRM information into personalized direct marketing may sound daunting, but it’s actually as simple as the following five steps:

  • Most companies maintain a database of customer-specific information, which can be used to develop compelling product and service offerings precisely tailored to each customer or prospect.
  • The base strategic communication piece is designed with content varying in accordance with what is known about each recipient’s profile (offer copy, photos, charts, graphs, maps, dealer logos or anything else).  The creative staff specifies which aspects will vary and indicates the corresponding database fields.
  • The base document, linked assets and database are sent to Fresh Color Press.
  • Fresh Color Press does the front-end work and sends a 100-200 record PDF that shows how each piece varies, along with hard copy proofs, so you see exactly how the entire printed project will look.
  • Once you give us the go ahead, all pieces are printed at one time – yet each is customized for a particular person.

Why isn’t everybody doing it?

  • Higher cost per printed piece.  Variable-data digital color printing usually costs more per piece than conventional, static materials.  But what really matters is the cost per response, and personalized printing response rates more than justify the unit cost.
  • Lack of a customer database.  Customer database information is critical to personalized direct marketing and, ideally, is indicative of past customer behavior.  We can help convert your customer information to a useful database form.

If it’s true that a company’s biggest competitive advantage is what they know about their customers that their competitors don’t, then the customer database is the crown jewel of a company’s marketing assets.  Although some marketers are database-averse, we can help by explaining the long-term benefits – which far outweigh the initial investment – and help you get started.






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