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In order to meet Federal and State regulations governing email marketing, there are a number of critical guidelines that must be followed. We highly recommend you do the following:

  • Use clear, unmistakable language when obtaining your subscribers’ permission to receive your emails. Make sure they know exactly what they’re opting in for.
  • Ask your subscribers to reconfirm from their actual email addresses. This reduces the possibility of errors, and may result in preferential routing from ISPs that place a premium on messages with a reconfirmed status.
  • Have subscribers enter your “From” address in their address book. This will exempt your messages from filtering and help guarantee their delivery.
  • Don’t try to mystify ‘em. Make sure your subscribers can easily recognize the messages that come from you. Unrecognized email is much more likely to be trashed, unopened.
  • Subscribers may forget where and when they opted in. When appropriate, gently remind them. It will reduce complaints.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Let your message draw traffic to your web site. Longer messages may be filtered out, or ‘tuned out’ by the recipient.
  • Images and links can be turned off by default. Include enough body text so the reader will know whether to view your links or images.
  • Avoid using IP numbers in your links. Some ISPs (like AOL) will filter out messages based on IP numbers in links. Use domain names instead.
  • Know your third-party source. Poor quality third-party sourcing will do harm to your brand’s reputation.
  • Include your snail mail address when sending commercial email. The CAN-SPAM law requires it.






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