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No matter your perspective, Fresh Color has a lot to offer.



  • 3 Kodak NexPresses so we can provide lightning-fast turn times that others can’t.  Make last-minute decisions knowing you’ll always meet crucial deadlines. 
  • Lower shipping costs because ultra-fast turn times let you ship Ground or Express Saver, rather than Overnight or 2-Day.
  • Simple and straightforward, so it takes very little time and effort to work with us and get the results you need – always on your terms.
  • One-stop service for complex projects that require commercial printing expertise and a fully-equipped bindery department.  We’re smaller, yet capable as large commercial printers.
  • Mailing services save time and money when projects go directly to the post office.  
  • More flexible than conventional printers who can’t match our service responsiveness.
  • Anticipatory service that keeps you informed and in control, so you needn’t wonder how we’re doing on your project. 
  • Fast, detailed quotes and no-surprise invoicing. We know it’s important to get pricing ASAP and how awful it is when the bill is more than expected.
  • If something’s not a fit for us, we’ll tell you right away. If we don’t think we can add value for you, we’ll let you know—and refer you to a suitable resource. Partnership means doing all the projects that fit us, and none that don’t.   
  • Consistent, fair pricing. When you’re in a hurry and need to send a project before we’ve quoted it, you can count on pricing the same as past projects—and no up-charges for rush jobs.
  • Reprints are a breeze because NexPress has outstanding color consistency, so reprints match the initial printing.






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