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Kodak NexPress Facts

We think Kodak NexPress is the world’s best digital color press and the best choice for discerning creatives and print producers. If your digital printing is done on anything but a NexPress, you’re getting less than the best.

  • NexPress was made to do high-impact commercial printing and has the look and feel of litho/offset printing—which is what people want.
  • Saturated, high-contrast color and crisp detail for better-than-litho photographic image reproduction on coated and uncoated papers.
  • NexPress seamlessly prints virtually any kind of paper—coated or uncoated, textured or smooth, from 40 lb. text to 130 lb. cover to 16 pt. C2S, including pressure-sensitive label, translucents, and metallic papers.
  • 13.4 X 25.5 print area for oversize pages with full bleeds.
  • Doesn’t need specially-coated papers that yellow over time (some digital presses print only on "Sapphire Coated" papers).
  • No cracking on folds.
  • No need to aqueous- or UV-coat printed sheets to achieve color vibrancy.
  • NexPresses are owner-maintained—so print quality is higher than those with lesser presses who suffer under manufacturers’ “click-charge” service models.
  • Larger color gamut than litho, so NexPress gets close to more PMS colors.
  • Expanded-gamut printing using Kodak’s Red and Blue 5th colors.
  • Kodak’s ClearCoat looks like satin aqueous coating and can be used for spot varnish or flood coating.
  • Kodak’s Dimensional Clear DryInk prints amazing raised/textured surfaces that are similar to, but better than, thermography. It’s a simple, affordable way to add striking creative impact to digitally-printed materials.
  • NexQ Quality Control System for outstanding color consistency, sheet-to-sheet, day in and day out, so reprints match the initial printing.
  • Perfect for any type of booklet, printing up to three types/weights of paper in press-collated, ready-to-bind sets of covers and text pages.
  • NexPresses print 6,000+ full-size pages per hour — and we have 3 — for smoking-fast turnaround on projects too large for those with lesser equipment.
  • NexPress samples speak for themselves! Click here to receive a packet showing the creative options within your reach!

Or call us to learn more about NexPress and how its advantages benefit you!

Design Considerations

  • NexPress is 4-color process printing, so there are no fluorescent or PMS color choices (though it matches the PMS library well enough to be Pantone-certified!).
  • Maximum print area is 13.4 X 25.5 inches (including bleeds).
  • NexPress printing isn’t suitable for imprinting on laser printers (think letterhead) because high laser fusing temperatures will damage NexPress printing.


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