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Direct mail is a fast, simple, cost-effective way to reach people when you want introduce a new product, drive traffic to your updated web site, announce your exhibit at an upcoming trade show, or invite clients to attend an important event.

Fresh Color has mailing expertise and capabilities that make direct marketing campaigns simple and easy as possible.

You benefit because:

  • It's faster and easier when Fresh Color Press manages printing and mailing, so you’re never caught between a printer and a mail house.
  • Email your list to us, and we’ll CASS certify, presort, and run an NCOA report.
  • Address changes that show up in your NCOA report will be emailed to you so you can update your database.
  • We email 100-record PDF soft proofs to show the addressing set-up just as it’ll print, so you can see everything—including the barcode--before giving us the okay-to-print-and-mail.
  • We mail only what we print. So your project’s never stuck behind somebody else’s mailing, and we nearly always mail the same day we finish printing.
  • We address postcards or self-mailers as we print them on a NexPress, which eliminates the inkjet addressing step—and NexPress addressing is crisp and smudge-free.
  • If you don't have a postal indicia, use ours and reimburse us for the postage.
  • We have in-house UV coating for high-impact gloss and protection.
  • In-line fugitive gluing of self-mailers (instead of unsightly, cumbersome wafer seals).
  • We stock self-sealing ClearBag envelopes, great for high-impact booklets and mailers.
  • We stock plenty of A2, A6, A7, A8, A9, and A10 envelopes for fast-turn invitation and announcement mailings.
  • Full-color addressed envelopes are a snap using our PSI color laser envelope printer, which does 2,400 envelopes per hour—on the face and/or flap—in any size from 3 X 5 to 12 X 18.
  • Because we’re a digital printer, we can print multiple/targeted versions in the same mailing at no additional cost. For example, we can combine several postcard versions—each with its own mailing list—into a single print run and presorted mailing, saving time and money.
  • We’re expert at complex personalized mailings, and we can produce and print PURLs.

Click here for a packet of direct marketing samples and a free copy of the Direct Mail Pal handbook.

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