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Prepress Specifics
  • We take Macintosh and PC-based documents, including projects created in Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint.
  • We review and preflight incoming files before proofing.
  • You don’t have to be a graphics professional to work with Fresh Color. We encourage you to call with questions because we want to help reduce the time and effort required to prepare print projects.
Job Submission
  • Files can be sent via email or placed on our FTP server.
  • Archive documents and fonts using Stuffit or WinZip for safe Internet transport.
  • Email projects directly to Brian, Jackie, or Lori. Attachments generally shouldn't be larger than 15 MB.
  • Upload large files to our FTP. Please call or send an email to support@freshcolorpress.com, and we'll create a password-protected FTP account for you.
  • NexPress hard-copy proofs aren't off-line representations showing approximately what the printed project will look like. They actually are the first finished piece – on the paper you specify for the project – showing exactly how the printed project will look. So no more guessing or press checks. You don't even need to return your proof, because we keep one here and can begin printing as soon as you give us the go-ahead.
  • PDF "soft proofs" emailed to you are a great way to check copy changes, pagination, and positioning, especially when you're in a hurry.








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