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Digital Printing is Green Printing

The benefits of digital printing start with making it practical and affordable to order only as many as you know you’ll need, so there’s no waste when obsolete printed materials are discarded.


We use FSC® certified papers made in North America and Europe because these paper makers are held to higher environmental standards than their Asian counterparts. Digital printing requires virtually no make-ready paper.


NexPress printing is certified by INGEDE (the International Association of the Deinking Industry) because it is easily de-inked in the paper recycling process.


Environmental concerns are an important part of printing today, when many question whether certain projects should even be printed. We embrace the need for sustainable practices and have many good things going for us.


  • No VOC-emitting fountain solution chemicals.
  • No petroleum-based inks.
  • No press-cleaning chemicals.
  • No film/platemaking chemicals.
  • No metal plates.
  • No synthetic proofing materials.
  • Fresh Color was instrumental—starting in 2003--helping Kodak develop a NexPress consumables recycling program in which used components are shipped back to Kodak for re-use.
  • Fresh Color became FSC-certified February 17, 2010.
  • We stock these recycled papers: Exact Opaque 30% PCW (60# text—100# cover); Productolith 30% PCW Gloss and Dull (80# text—100# cover); Mohawk Options PC100 (80# text-100# cover).

Of course there’s a lot green-wash marketing these days, and you don’t have time to examine suppliers’ many claims. So know you can count on Fresh Color’s commitment to being and becoming as sustainable as possible, and to providing accurate, balanced information to help you make the best choices for yourself and the environment.




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