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Press-sense iWay is simple, yet powerful, web-based document customization and ordering software that streamlines print ordering and management processes.


Combining a robust creative toolset with comprehensive business functionality and reporting, iWay is a real-time workflow to shorten turn times and reduce costs to create, customize, proof, order, ship, and track printed materials – adding up to a new and better way to order and manage print.


In simplest terms, iWay makes document templates web-accessible so users can customize (if necessary), proof, and order print 24/7 without corporate support.


Use iWay Prime for :

  • Data and sell sheets that are easily updated as products change
  • Postcard and self-mailer projects with address list and customized document merged and proofed online before we print, address and mail from Fresh Color Press.
  • Location-specific point-of-sale materials.
  • Event and seminar invitations.
  • B-to-B proposals and pitch books (saddle-stitched, wire-o or plastic spiral bound).


  • Simple, intuitive navigation and pull-down menus that enable inexperienced users to order their own materials without help from a graphic arts expert.
  • Brand standards are protected because documents are set up so only designated fields can be altered.
  • Immediate PDF soft proofing matching the actual printed piece because we print from a high-resolution version of the same PDF.
  • Corporate-branded web portal accessible to a few or many authorized users – of varying privilege levels – with use governed by the designated administrator (e.g. for a second proof review, or to ensure program compliance).
  • Compatibility with a broad range of document formats including Mac and PC platform Quark, InDesign, Illustrator and Microsoft Office files.
  • Interfaces directly with our ePace Print Management System, so projects are automatically ticketed and entered into our production queue, cost centers can be assigned, and user credit cards can be processed online.
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting including job status, links to shipping updates, single/multiple shipping addresses, and shopping cart ordering.
  • Multi-variable search function makes accounting information easy to access and export as Excel reports.
  • Automatic email updates of project and shipping status.


  • Real-time, 24/7 print ordering and management so users can order print at their convenience, wherever they are.
  • Reduced Print Activity Costs, which include the time and expense related to communicating, creating, editing, proofing, re-proofing, archiving, quoting, purchasing, press checking, receiving, warehousing, kitting, fulfilling, shipping, tracking and managing print (budgeting, accounting and reporting). These costs are easy to ignore, but can add up to 20 times the printer’s invoice. The iWay Prime workflow greatly reduces these costs and improves the way companies print.
  • Faster turn times as orders are automatically ticketed and entered into our print queue.
  • Reduced shipping costs when quickly-completed projects can ship Ground instead of 2-Day or Overnight.
  • Better return on marketing investments as easily-accessed documents are used more often.
  • Increased marketing relevance when it’s practical and affordable to create and produce materials tailored to the interests and needs of differing market segments.
  • Always-current marketing literature because updates are easy and affordable.
  • No warehousing costs and cash is freed up when materials go directly from printer to user.
  • No obsolescence prevents expensive waste of outdated materials.
  • Sales reps are empowered to customize and order their own collateral.
  • Fewer mistakes when those closest to the project update, proof, and order it themselves.
  • Lower per-piece cost in volume programs.

Press-sense iWay Workflow:

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