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XMPie is the world's leading solution for data-driven cross-media (print, email and web pages) personalization and an indispensable tool for marketers seeking to utilize customer data to create truly relevant, personalized marketing campaigns. Its primary application is to enable and manage variability of text, images, charts, logos and graphs, which is especially important in today's increasingly competitive and cluttered marketing environment.


For example, direct mail campaigns are strengthened when integrated with data-driven personalized web pages - also created with XMPie - to which recipients are directed by a printed personalized URL (e.g. www.freshcolorpress.com/john.smith). Thus, a single-channel initiative - though effective because personalized - has added impact through integration of a second channel (that many prefer to use). In addition, those who respond at their personalized web pages typically provide their email addresses, adding a third channel and a cost-effective means of follow-up. XMPie can also send email offers concurrent with the mailing or subsequently, as dictated by the strategy. Finally, it can be used to monitor personalized web page visits so to analyze responses and adjust strategy.


Some key XMPie modules include:

uChart: Commonly used for business-to-business campaign comparisons, uChart converts customer data into personalized charts and graphs - which are a powerful storytelling tool.

uImage: An extraordinarily powerful XMPie feature used to merge variable text with images to create high-impact personalization that stops recipients in their tracks. For example, placing the recipient's name - in lights! - onto a photograph of a stadium scoreboard - whether a self-mailer or email or both.

To see what we mean, look at the below examples.



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